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    Who Will Assist You to Meet Your Goals

    Our Team of Professionals to Assist YOU on Your Journey of Self-Protection

  • Introducing the Team

    We want you to be comfortable when you first meet us.

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    Ladies Lead Instructor

    Vickie Kelley

    Daughter, Mother of six, and the family self-protector and defender.

    I had owned a gun for many years, but I really had no idea how to use it. I somehow thought it made me safe just because I possessed it. In fact, I once took it on a camping trip, thinking I had protection for myself. I had no idea I had loaded the "bullets" into the "clip" backward. How embarrassing! The ONLY thing I had was a false sense of security.


    Fast forward to just four short years ago (October 2019). I decided it was time to get serious. I recruited my friend and we attended Will Parker's USCCA Premium Concealed Carry class. The amount and depth of information was almost overwhelming, but I left the classroom that evening with a desire to learn even more. With Will's guidance and immense patience, I have learned and accomplished more than I ever thought possible. I know I can now, more than ever, protect my family and myself. The added benefit is, my children are learning to protect themselves as well.


    After hundreds of hours of training, I am not even close to where I want to be but, I believe what I've learned is important, so much so, that I have become a USCCA Firearms Instructor, Off-Body Carry Instructor, and Sabre Red Pepper Spray Certified Instructor. Alongside Will, I want to share with you what I have learned (and continue to learn), while showing you that it is never too late to start, and you don't need any experience to begin. I would love for you to join me on the journey.

    Vickie's Credentials and Training Attended


    - USCCA Elite Member

    - Instructor USCCA Concealed Carry

    - Instructor USCCA Woman’s Curriculum

    - Instructor Sabre Red Pepper Spray (OC)

    - Instructor Off Body Carry (Vickie Farnam)

    - Instructor Tactical Anatomy™ Shooting With X-Ray Vision™ (Dr. James Williams)

    - Graduate Law of Self-Defense Level 1 Seminar (Attorney Andrew Branca)

    - Graduate MAG-40 Armed Citizen Rules of Engagement (Massad Ayoob)

    - Graduate Shooting Performance Firearms Instructor Development Course (Mike Seeklander & Rich Brown)

    - Graduate The Bigger Circle (Rob Leatham & Mike Seeklander)

    - Graduate Shooting Performance Competition Handgun Training Program Level 1 (Mike Seeklander)

    - Graduate Shooting Performance Defensive Handgun Training Program (Mike Seeklander)

    - Graduate Shooting Performance Defensive Rifle Training Program (Mike Seeklander)

    - Graduate USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level 1 & 2

    - Graduate SAC Tactical Low Light (Bruce Cartwright)

    - NRA Range Safety Officer

    - USCCA Range Safety Officer


    Apprentice Instructor for:

    - Instructor USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level 1 & 2 

    Vickie Has Trained Under Nationally Acclaimed Instructors

    - Rob Leatham
    - Michael Seeklander
    - Massad Ayoob
    - Andrew Branca
    - Rich Brown
    - Gail Pepin
    - Vickie Farnam
    - Bruce Cartwright
    - Dr. James Williams
    - Will Parker
  • Chief Instructor Will Parker has 40+ years of firearm experience, 30 of those as an instructor. Having retired from a 25-year career with the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps, Will now actively pursues regular continuing education with some of the top instructors and shooters in the U.S. and world. He is also an avid competitive practical shooter.


    Personally, Will is a Son, Husband, Father, and Grandfather who decided years ago he would not allow himself, or his family, to fall victim to violence. Now he teaches others to do the same. It isn't just his passion, he is VERY good at it.

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    Supporting Instructor for Ladies Program


    Will Parker, Artemis Owner and Chief Instructor

    Will's Credentials

    - Force Science Institute Analyst

    - MAG Deadly Force Instructor

    - USCCA Senior Training Counselor

    - USCCA Training Counselor

    - USCCA Instructor

    - Instructor Tactical Anatomy™ Shooting With X-Ray Vision™

    - I.C.E. Defensive Firearms Coach

    - Law of Self-Defense Instructor Program

    - REEA Distinguished Real Estate Instructor

    - REEA Gold Standard Instructor

    - NRA Basic Pistol Instructor

    - Utah State Firearms Instructor

    - Sabre Red Pepper Spray (OC) Instructor

    - USCCA, NRA, USMC Range Safety Officer

    An Abridgement of Will's Training

    - 25-Year Navy & Marine Corps Veteran
    - Graduate USMC Weapons & Tactics Instructor (2009)

    - Graduate USN Strike Fighter Tactical Instructor (TOP GUN) (1999)

    - 40+ Years of firearms experience

    - 30 Years as an Instructor

    - 17 Years as a Competitive Shooter

    - Formal School House Trained & Certified Instructor (1994)

    - AA Degree in Instructor Technology (1999)

    - Criminal Law School Student

    - Expert Witness

    - Certified REEA Distinguished Real Estate Instructor (2023)

    - Certified REEA Gold Standard Instructor (2019, 2021)

    - Certified USCCA Senior Training Counselor (2018)

    - Certified USCCA Training Counselor (2015)

    - Certified USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense Instructor (2013)

    - Certified USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Levels 1 and 2Instructor (2017)

    - Certified USCCA Countering the Mass Shooter Threat Instructor (2018)

    - Certified USCCA Emergency First-Aid Fundamentals Instructor (2017)

    - Certified USCCA Women’s Handgun and Self-Defense FundamentalsInstructor (2017)

    - Graduate Force Science Institute Analyst (2020)

    - Certified Massad Ayoob Group Deadly Force Instructor (2020)

    - Graduate American Law Courses – Criminal Law (2022)

    - Graduate American Law Courses – Evidence: Guardrails of Justice (2023)

    - Graduate American Law Courses – American Property: Freedom, Liberty& Ownership (2023)

    - Graduate American Law Courses – Civil Rights, Civil Liberties and theConstitution (2023)

    - Graduate Law of Self-Defense Instructor Program (2016, 2022)

    - Graduate Law of Self-Defense Level 1/Advanced (2016, 2017, 2018, 2022,2023)

    - Graduate Law of Self-Defense Level 2 (2018)

    - Graduate Law of Self-Defense Defense of Property (2019, 2022)

    - Graduate Law of Self-Defense Lawful Defense Against Rioting Looting andArson (2021, 2022)

    - Graduate Law of Self-Defense Level 1 Montana Supplement (2016, 2017,2018, 2022)

    - Graduate Massad Ayoob Group MAG-40 Armed Citizens Rules of Engagement(2018)

    - Graduate Rangemaster Establishing a Dominance Paradigm (2020)

    - Certified Rangemaster Instructor Development (Top Graduate) (2017)

    - Certified Rangemaster Advanced Instructor Development (2020)

    - Certified Rangemaster Master Instructor Development (2022)

    - Graduate Rangemaster 2018 Northwest Tactical Conference

    - Graduate Aprill Risk Consulting UNTHINKABLE: Concepts and Techniquesfor the Gravest Extreme (2019)

    - Graduate Tactical Anatomy Shooting With X-Ray Vision Instructor (2024)

    - Graduate I.C.E. Advanced Pistol Handling (2023)

    - Graduate I.C.E. Unorthodox Shooting Positions (2023)

    - Graduate I.C.E. Intuitive Defensive Shooting Instructor Development(2018)

    - Graduate I.C.E. Counter Ambush (2016)

    - Certified I.C.E. Defensive Firearms Coach (2017)

    - Graduate I.C.E. Combat/Intuitive Defensive Shooting (2017)

    - Graduate Shooting-Performance and Rob Leatham The Bigger Circle (2022)

    - Graduate Shooting-Performance Firearms Instructor Development Course(2020, 2021x3, 2024)

    - Graduate Shooting-Performance Defensive Handgun (2015)

    - Graduate Shooting-Performance Defensive Rifle (2015)

    - Graduate Shooting-Performance Competition Handgun I (2020, 2022)

    - Graduate Shooting-Performance Competition Handgun II (2020)

    - Graduate Emergence Situational Awareness For Employees (S.A.F.E.)Instructor (2020)

    - Graduate Firearms Academy of Seattle Active Shooter Interdiction (2018)

    - Certified Firearms Academy of Seattle Master Handgun (2018)

    - Certified Sabre Red Pepper Spray (OC) Instructor (2021)

    - GLOCK Advanced Armorer (2008, 2013, 2018)

    - Graduate GLOCK Instructor Workshop (2010)

    - Certified Smith& Wesson Semi-Automatic M&P Armorer (2016)

    - Graduate Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Four-Day DefensiveHandgun (Distinguished Graduate) (2015)

    - Graduate LCG Tactical Handgun Tactical Skills & Movement Course(2018)

    - Graduate LCG Tactical Low Light (2019)

    - Graduate LCG Tactical – Tactical Carbine (2019)

    - Graduate SAC Tactical Essential Carbine (2019)

    - Graduate SAC Tactical Low Light (2020)

    - Graduate Predator Security & Defense Private SecuritySpecialist/Bodyguard Executive Protection (2019)

    - Graduate Predator Security & Defense Long Range Marksman (2020)

    - Graduate Sniper Central Long-Range Precision Marksman (2013)

    - Certified NRA Basic Pistol Instructor (2008)

    - Certified NRA Basic Range Safety Officer (2008)

    - Certified Montana State Firearms Instructor (2019-2023)

    - Certified Utah State Firearms Instructor (2014, 2017, 2020, 2023)

    - Certified USCCA,NRA & USMC Range Safety Officer

    - Certified USPSA Chief Range Officer with Multi-Gun Endorsement(2009-2023)

    - USPSA, IDPA & Defensive Pistol Competitive Shooter

    - Life Long Student I will always pursue learning more to offer more to you

    Will Has Trained Under Nationally Acclaimed Male and Female Instructors

    - Rob Leatham

    - Massad Ayoob

    - Tom & Lynn Givens

    - Dr. William Lewinski

    - Dennis Tueller

    - Rob Pincus

    - Michael Seeklander

    - Andrew Branca

    - Craig Douglas

    - Gail Pepin

    - Dr. William Aprill

    - Dr. James Williams

    - Marty Hayes

    - Lee Weams

    - John Hearne

    - John Holschen

    - John Murphy

    - Beth Alcazar

    - Rich Brown

    - Michael Martin

    - Sam Conway

    - Predator Security and Defense

    - Theresa Barnabei

    - Bruce Moyer

    - Bruce Cartwright

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    Co-Ed Defensive Shooting Class Photo