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    We Educate and Train Women in Self-Protection and Self-Defense.

  • Why Artemis? The mythical Greek goddess Artemis (daughter of Zeuss) was known as a power protector of innocent women and helpless infants. Similarly, our goal is to empower today's women with the skills needed to protect herself and children. Thus, Artemis.


    Artemis Self-Protection Training was formed specifically to provide women with a high level of education and training in self-protection for those curious, beginning, or continuing their journey. Being SAFE comes first, then avoiding and preventing violence, then self-defense. Artemis classes reduce the prevailing fear and confusion surrounding handgun use by providing students with accurate information, real life scenario studies, hands on dummy gun practice, as well as live-fire. Our goal is for each student to leave each class empowered with more knowledge to use their handgun safely, confidently and efficiently than previously.


    Vickie, our lead instructor, was once in the same position as you. She teaches with thoughtfulness, kindness, and experience.


    We offer training for those who have an aversion to firearms to those who are very comfortable and confident.

  • Introductory Welcome

    Beth Alcazar - USCCA Senior Training Counselor and Women's Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine

    Beth is the Founder of Pacificers & Peacemakers

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    Artemis Target Sponsor for Ladies Curriculum

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    Artemis Eye Protection Sponsor for Ladies Curriculum

    Including Prescriptions and Readers (click the graphic to select and purchase)
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    Join our legal mentor Andrew Branca for in-depth legal training.

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    Join our mentors Michael Seeklander and Rich Brown for a free two-week trial on training.

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