• Women's Only Curriculum Offered

    Let The Journey Begin

    USCCA Women's Basic Pistol - Level 1

    The Beginning - 3.0 hours $70

    Topics: Guns and Gun Safety, Storage, Fundamentals of Handgun Shooting, and Putting it into Practice. Ladies will shoot laser pistols and real firearms converted into CO2 firearms for realistic felt recoil. Photo realistic targets available.


    When you purchase this class through out below link, you will receive a complimentary eBook of the curriculum. We do recommend the hard copy as well, which we offer; the book covers all three levels of the women's courses.


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    USCCA Women's Intermediate Pistol - Level 2

    Continuing Your Journey - 3.0 hours $80

    Discussed: Revolvers vs Semi-Automatics, Bullets and Ballistics, Firearms Cycle of Operation, Common Malfunctions, Holsters and Concealed Carry, Establishing Personal Boundaries, Shooting Fundamentals Review, and Putting it into Practice. Ladies will shoot real firearms and training munitions as well. Firearms and ammunition are provided.


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    USCCA Women's Defensive Pistol - Level 3

    Completing Women's Curriculum - 3.0 hours $85

    Covering: Mindset, Avoidance, Escape, Defending, Use of Force, Cover vs Concealment, Voice Commands, Marksmanship vs Defensive Shooting, Drawing From Holster, Loading and Reloading, Practicing with Purpose, and Live Fire. Firearms and ammunition are provided.


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    Practice With a Purpose Range Time

    AFTER Completing All Levels of Women's Curriculum - 1.5 hours $25

    Practice nights will consist of 90 minutes on the range. Approximately 45 minutes will be learning a new skill and the remaining 45 minutes will be either developing the skill or developing other skills. Targets, range fee, and coaching & instructing are included. You bring your gun, ammunition, eye/ear protection and any other gear.

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  • What's Follows Women's Only Curriculum?

    The Road on Your Journey Continues

    USCCA Premium Concealed Carry

    9-10 hours $150

    Developing a Personal Protection Plan, Self-Defense Firearms, Defensive Shooting Fundamentals, In-Depth Legal Use of Force, Deadly Encounters and Their Aftermath, Gear & Gadgets, Basic & Advanced Fundamentals, and opportunity for one-on-one live-fire. Utah Supplemental Training also available.


    There are many subtopics within the topics listed above.


    This is the MOST comprehensive concealed carry education & training available from a National Training Organization in the U.S..


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  • USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Levels 1 & 2

    Getting Closer to Your Destination - 100% Defensive Shooting on The Range

    USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level 1

    A Real Understanding About Running a Gun. 8 hours $230

    Working on: Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting & Intuitive Skill Development, Defensive Accuracy, Lateral Motion, The Balance of Speed and Precision, Emergency Reload, Assessment, Understanding the Body's Natural Reactions, Presentation From The Holster, and a Live-Fire Simulation.


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    USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level 2

    Continuing Toward Advance Gun Handling. 8 hours $230

    Picks up from Level 1 with review and continued development. Multiple Target Engagement, Volume of Fire, Dynamic Deviation Control, One-Handed/Weak Hand Shooting, Non-Diagnostic Linear Malfunction Clearing, Skill Development Cycle, Cognitive Processing and Performance, and Live-Fire Simulation.


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