• Who should attend this class?

    Women of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels are welcome and encouraged to start with Level 1 for a solid foundation to build upon.

    I’m concerned about having a gun when my kids are in the house. Do you talk about that?

    Yes. We discuss the various safety measures available to help safely store and carry your handgun when you are with your family.

    I don’t like guns. They are dangerous and scary. Why should I even bother to learn about them?

    We are truly glad you asked and hope you will come and see what we have to say and offer. You will get the information you need to fairly evaluate the many common myths and misconceptions about guns. We have had those attend our training who don't like firearms at all, but very much enjoyed the class.

    Do we actually shoot a gun in the basic handgun class?

    In the classroom we will practice the proper defense stance with real firearms converted into CO2 guns for felt recoil (feeling of shooting) and also high quality laser training guns for your aiming accuracy. For an additional fee, range time for live fire practice is available. Ask for details.

    My husband/primary protector carries a gun and knows how to shoot. So why should I take the class.

    Consider that most violent assaults against women happen when a woman is alone and a more vulnerable target. This includes daylight hours when the woman & children are home alone.

    Is it even legal for me to carry a gun?

    These classes cover all the legal requirements about when, where and how a handgun can be used lawfully for self-defense. We also cover the legal ramifications following a self-defense shooting.

    Guns seem like an extreme measure for self-protection.

    They are an extreme measure. Guns should always be used ONLY as a last resort. Our class intentionally covers pro-active measures, and how to use conflict de-escalation tactics to avoiding a violent confrontation. We recommend carrying less-lethal methods so that option as well.


    However, there are times when using lethal force is the only option left to save your own life, and that of your children. It’s been proven in many tragic real-life cases. So, our suggestion would be that you at least know the basics just in case.


    *Interestingly, many women find that they actually enjoy the challenge of becoming a more accurate shooter end up joining a local women’s shooting sports group who practice at the range purely as an enjoyable hobby.

    Is there more after the Women's program is complete?

    Yes. We offer a Premium Concealed Carry Class, as well as Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level's 1 and 2. See the Curriculum Offered tab for more information on these classes. Additionally, our Chief Instructor is a Nationally recognized professional trainer who can take you as far as you want to go; he has taught Special Operations/Forces personnel and FBI Instructors.

    It only happens to other people.

    I never thought it would happen to me. It’s how nearly every survivor of a violent attack starts their story. Our goal is that you don’t meet that possibility unprepared.